DEEP FAT FRIED is an art collective consisiting of 3 Fine Art graduates with an aim to make the art world more inclusive for all types of art and all types of people.


We aim to break down barriers and connect artists and their wider communities through digital & physical exhibitions, workshops and events. 


We celebrate DIY Art and intend to create immersive and experiential environments which welcome those from any walk of life to engage with what the art world has to offer beyond the tradition of the white cube.




Aesthetically, I appreciate the things many don’t; the kitsch, tacky and grotesque. I aim to create whimsical child-like fantasy environments, as if you have stepped into a 5 year olds‘ dreamland. Using cherry-picked colour schemes to convey emotions and narrative into a physical form, I explore darker subject matter through a rose-tinted gaze.

Some themes I have explored recently include self-help, dementia and health anxiety.

I take a lot of inspiration from my childhood nostalgia. So there is always fragmented memories ingrained into everything I create, whether it’s there consciously or not. 

Alongside my art, I also have a love of set design and retro interiors. I love to design and decorate exhibitions, so once we’re able to hold them irl, you can look forward to beautifully wacky decorated DEEP FAT FRIED events!




I like making lots n lots of weird and wonderful things that play of the grotesque of real life. I'm based in Bristol currently and mainly focusing my practice into video works as well as digital collages. 

I really enjoy educating myself on the things happening around me, I'm eager to learn and for progression in myself. I'm extremely excited to not only use DEEP FAT FRIED as a platform to present my own works but to help and support other creatives! Community is so incredibly important to me and to the arts, which I believe could really benefit from more interactive, public and engaging works that EVERYBODY can see and play with. Something that we as a collective, especially myself, are aiming for! 

The works that I make are kitsch, chaotic and stupid. They satircally play on concepts such as capitalism, feminism and consumption, subjects which are very personal to myself. The aim for my work is to 'hopefully' make people laugh and create more discussions so we can then work towards the solutions. 




I’m a multimedia artist, currently based in London (but hoping to be back in Bristol soon!)

I make squishy things which explore a whole range of topics, especially mental health. I investigate my ideas through using material qualities and experience. I’m particularly interested in the relationship between artists, their works and their audience as well as themes of play and curiosity.

Communities are so important - now more than ever - and that’s what we want to create here at DEEP FAT FRIED. I love sharing ideas and can’t wait to hear all of yours! I’m looking forward to when we can hold events in person, but until then I’m excited to get to work on our online exhibition!




I’m a multimedia artist now based in Suffolk. My work centres around experience; whether I am documenting one, or the work itself is part of a ‘happening’. I utilise folklore and mythology to understand how we as a society behave and act. 

Most recently I completed a project called Transmissions, which explores technology’s effect on the ancient ways. With sound as sculpture, video and manipulated images I allude to a semi-dystopian world that coexists with ours.

I like art that is seeped in cultural context and storytelling. I think narrative gives us agency in our lives, and art is the way I personally channel this.